Friday, October 31, 2008

Knitterly Ramblings...

So, it's Friday, it's Halloween, and it's time to talk about knitting! Let's get something out of the way: I am not a really good knitter. I don't design anything. I don't spin or dye yarn. For a long time, I felt badly about this. If this is my craft, well, I should do it all!! As time passed, it became clear that what I really enjoy doing is just knitting. Give me a pattern that someone else has already worked the bugs out of. Give me some awesome, well-spun, beautifully dyed yarn that someone has created. Give me some needles, and let me KNIT!
I am so happy for and proud of the people who spin and dye and design! Truly, their work is artistic and beautiful. I'm just not one of them. I am really, really busy and I have lots of hobbies and 3 kids and I'd prefer to just spend my extra time knitting, plain and simple. I've let go of the guilt and the need to do it all!
I'm a pretty good knitter, but not great. I don't understand all the intricacies, but I can figure most stuff out. I should probably practice my color work, and I've ripped out more lace than I've ever finished, but what I do knit, I enjoy. And that's the point, right?
So, here's what I'm working on right now:

It's a footie sock... maybe an anklet? The yarn is Sockotta, and I know a lot of you don't care for that yarn, but it's a cotton/wool blend and it seems like the perfect yarn for a pair of socks for "someone" who lives in a very warm climate. Ahem. Yes, Christmas knitting. Not to diminish the yarn, but I bought it at a yarn swap for $1. Don't you love a bargain? Yes, that is sock #2 on the needles, that I just started. I know, I know, I wasn't supposed to start it until I finish this:

It's the Cozy V-Neck sweater from "Fitted Knits" by Stephanie Japel. Yes, I did start it last spring and just tore through the first 80% of the sweater. Then, it got hot and I lost interest and it went into "the bag" for the summer. Then, it got cool and I started on the sleeve! Then, it got warm again. Oh, I will finish it, maybe this weekend. Only about 4 inches to go on the sleeve, and then the ribbing around the v-neck. I know I can do it!!

One thing I'm not very good at is choosing colors. In fact, I'd say I'm pretty hopeless. Now, this is one thing I DO want to improve on. I'm reading a book called "Kristen Knits" by Kristen Nicholas and it's all about color. Kristen knits in big, bold, beautiful colors and I'm hoping for some inspiration and perhaps, a few pointers. Oh, and I'm browsing a few sock books, too, just in case...

One more thing. Lest you think I have incredible self-control, feel comforted in knowing that those aren't the ONLY projects I have on my knitting needles right now! They are just the only ones I am willing to share with you:-)

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