Tuesday, February 6, 2007

The Genius of Children

Sometimes I think we are all born really smart, and life has a way of just draining it out of us. Aren't these gorgeous? My daughter knit them for a little girl she babysits for. My daughter is 14 and a fabulous, fearless knitter. The most remarkable thing about these little slippers is: the toes. Look at them! Kitchener stitched to perfection!! My daughter asked for help with this. I picked up the first slipper and did it for her. I didn't teach her how to do it; I simply talked to myself: Knit, off, purl, on, purl, off, knit, on. Can you imagine my surprise when she turned around and did the second one, perfectly, all by herself? No one told her this can be tricky. No one planted the seed in her mind that she might have trouble with it. She just assumed she could do it, and she did.

This is a lesson I need to remind myself of all the time; in knitting, in tennis, in life. Believe in yourself; believe you CAN do it, and you will.

I homeschool my children. I see this over and over again: they don't have to be told how to do every little thing, or when to do it, or why. I always want the recipe, the pattern, the formula. They like to figure it out for themselves, with a bit of guidance. Yes, this can be messy, or inconvenient, or even a failure. There is always a lesson, though, so I guess even a failure is successful on some levels.

In yoga, we always try to stay in the present moment. I tell my students that the joy is in the journey, and it is! It is so easy to lose sight of this simple truth.

On the food front: I tried the Z Trim in my Super Bowl baked artichoke dip. I substituted half of the mayonnaise with Z Trim. No one noticed and the baking dish was licked clean! (Let's keep this to ourselves :-) I could not taste a difference at all.

Another new food we've been playing with is PlayFood. It is a vegan cheese substitute made primarily from raw cashews. They make a cream cheese sub, a sour cream, a cheddar cheese and a nacho cheese. I love the cheddar cheese on pretzels! My daughter has been going crazy making vegan cupcakes from Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World! by Isa Chandra Moskowitz. (a birthday gift from Barbara-- thanks, Barbara!!) Our favorites are the plain vanilla cupcakes with lemon "cream cheese" frosting, using the PlayFood. Absolutely fabulous. I know they are not "health food", but I feel so virtuous eating them! Cupcakes rock!!

One last knitting thing... I know, I'm jumping around here, but, who cares?? Here are my February socks (well, sock). The pattern is the Jaywalker. My gauge says I'm okay, but don't they look kind of big to you, for a ladies' sock?


Anonymous said...

Yes, a valuable lesson about believing in oneself. I think by the time we reach adulthood we have been so contaminated with negative thoughts from all kinds of influences, including ourselves, that we believe them. Undoing negative thought patterns is so much harder then starting with a clean slate. I hope the kids stay as pure as possible for as long as possible.

The booties are lovely and your sock doesn't look big to me. What part seems big to you? Depends if you were making it for you or someone with more normal sized feet...LOL

Where are you getting the food substitutes? They sound good. Are you sure you can't taste the difference? I have had such bad experiences with other fat substitutes.

How many different kinds of cupcakes have you tried? Are there any Red Velvet ones in the book? They are my fav...Yes..Cupcakes do Rock!


Cheryl said...

Thanks for the comments, Barbara. I know you understand all this stuff about how our minds work more than anyone!
No red velvet, but they do have "Crimson Velveteen Cupcakes"!! Chocolate are my favs; plain vanilla a close second!