Friday, February 2, 2007

A Tale of Two Dishcloths!

Like the cobbler whose children had no shoes, this knitter whined "I have no dishcloths!" So, I got busy and knit up a ballband on Wednesday night. The cheerful colors make me smile while washing the dishes!
I met my friend Shannon for coffee yesterday. She gifted me with birthday goodies, including this:
So, now I have two dishcloths, handmade and beautiful. (Thanks, Shannon!)

In other knitting news, I wanted to post some pictures of my "scood." My son named it a scood, because it is actually a scarf with a hood, but it is really the pattern for the "Grown Up Bonnet" from Knit 2 Together. I knit it in Blue Sky Alpacas hand dyes worsted, and it is warm as can be. Also, great protection for my curly hair from the snow!

I cast on for my February socks. I decided to make some JayWalkers from Regia yarn I bought on sale. I had a hard time measuring my gauge on these. I am using some size 1 needles and I THINK they are okay, but I'm not sure. They look a bit big. I guess I can always rip them out, or find someone around here who will fit into them! (So much for knitting socks for ME!)

I went to yoga last night, a class through the Johnson County Parks and Rec. Molly, the instructor, is so kind and enthusiastic; I really like her. I'm trying to keep an open mind about different styles of yoga, and hers is a lot different from mine. I teach a lot of alignment and she does not. It's all I can do to keep myself from walking around the room and adjusting people! She asked me to demonstrate "my method" of ardha chandrasana last night (half moon pose), which was a lot different from her version. I was happy to demonstrate, but I left feeling kind of funny about it, since it was completely different from her version. It's her class; she should teach whatever she wants to. I've been struggling with this. I've been careful to keep my mouth shut up until now. It's important that her students have confidence in her. I am just so trained in proper alignment, I really can't (and don't want to!) totally change my yoga.

I came close to quitting tennis yesterday, I was that bad. Mike convinced me that I just need more experience playing games, so I guess I'll hang in there for a few more months. I dragged myself to cardio tennis this morning, quite a feat in 9 degree temperatures!! I focused on the tennis part and felt I did a bit better than yesterday. I also scheduled a game for next week, to work on my skills in action.

Yesterday, I read about two studies which discovered that people whose ring fingers are longer than their index fingers tend to be more athletic than those whose index fingers are longer. Guess I blew that theory right out the window :-) Do you ever wonder who thought to study the relationship between finger length and athletic ability? Why? Who funded such a study? And who cares???

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